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In All Unfairness

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Vikram succeeds to get Betaal back on his shoulders. A burden, too heavy for the mind.

In the dark, dense forest, Vikram and Betaal embark on their journey to the final destination, one willingly and the other… not so willingly. Betaal was eager to fill the silent night with stories of all sorts and kind he had seen throughout his life, as long as Vikram remembered his conditions. But that only time will tell, till then he tells Vikram a tale of… In All Unfairness.

Shaurya, the King of Adhak, was a hardworking king. He used all his abilities and means to protect his kingdom and his people. His kingdom enjoyed a fair and balanced life, where stress seemed to be minimal. One day, an old man walked into the King’s court. It was an ordinary sight but everyone present in the court fixated their gaze on something not so ordinary, something the old man had brought along with him… his two blind sons.

The old man presented his sons to the king and said, “O Wise King, I have feeling that my sons would be beneficial in the workings of the court and the kingdom.” The king was surprised to hear this, “how could two blind men help me?” he thought. The old man, as if reading the King’s mind, continued, “When God takes something for us, he gives something far more superior in return. Just like that, even though my sons are blind, they have been gifted with other heightened senses. While one is an expert judge of horses, the other can examine any kind of precious stones for you.”

The king was surprised and curious. He wanted to see if the sons were really gifted and thus, he gave them a place in his court. A few days later, a horse seller came to the king. He brought a horse with him and claimed that the horse was very calm and loving to everyone. The king thought that this was the perfect way to test one of the sons. He brought him towards the horse and the son started petting and smelling the horse.

Everyone around him stared at him in utter confusion. “How can he tell if the horse is good or not by smelling?” “I don’t think he is gifted.” The others started to speculate the young, blind man. After his inspection he told the king, “The horse is not at all calm or loving, he will throw anyone who will try to sit on him, except his rider.” A rider from the king’s stable mounded the horse and petted him. “See, he is loving, he isn’t throwing me off.” He boasted to the blind son. Within seconds he was thrown off by the horse and landed on the ground with a loud thud.

The blind son remained still with a knowing smile on his face while the horse seller left the court, embarrassed by the turn of events.

A few days later, a jeweler came into the court. He brought a stone and claimed that it was the largest diamond to ever exist. The diamond shone brightly, and everyone in the court was amazed by its beauty. It was something unique, and something that had to be theirs. But the King knew that it was time to put the second son to test. The second son took the diamond in his hands and examined it.

Almost immediately, he discouraged the king from buying it. Surprised gasps were heard in the court. Who would want to disregard such a jewel? The son continued, “O Wise King, this precious stone has only outer beauty, while its inner self is pure evil. Till date, the owners of this jewel have met with ill fate, and lost too much. The same will happen to you too if you buy it.”

Trusting the son, the King asked the jeweller to leave the court. A few days later, the king was informed that, another king from the neighbouring kingdom had bought the jewel, and was met with an ill fate when his perfectly healthy body fell prey to a deadly disease. The king was shocked to hear such a terrible news but inwardly thanked the son for saving his life.

Days passed, and the two sons won over the King’s heart. One day, the old man came to the king’s court to know how his sons were doing and whether the king was happy with their service. The king gratefully thanked the old man but his mind was filled with a question. “If you’re sons have these special gifts, is it possible that you have one too?” he asked curiously. The old man smiled and said, “I can tell a person’s past just by looking at his face. Like you my king, you were the son of a thief and now you run this kingdom of justice and fairness.” The King felt triggered, like a nerve in his brain burst open. A past which was long forgotten and buried, stood right in front of him today. He threw the old man and his sons out of the court because he wasn’t ready to be known as a thief’s son.



Ulka Mayur

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