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Conceptualization to Execution, Stage shows to Screen content… ALL UNDER ONE ROOF

Our expertise lies in conceptualizing, curating and executing versatile kinds of live shows and audio-visual content. We are driven by our commitment to create enthralling experiences and high-quality content that fits your occasion and tells the story of your company, brand or organization in the most effective & interesting way.


We work closely with clients to understand their needs and execute bespoke shows/content based on their themes, occasions, brands, and budgets. You name it, we do it.


We are happy to partner with media, PR or event management company who’s looking for dancers, actors, musicians, stand up comics, storytellers, poets, choreographers, writers or innovative performing acts and to work around their events, vision and clients.

We are known for

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Live Events & Shows

Live Events & Shows

With a great talent pool in our kitty and with wide experience in theatre productions, we are experts in conceptualizing, visualizing and executing live shows. Our expertise lies in all kinds of performing arts- music, dance, drama, storytelling, stand-up. Our purview of work includes all creative aspects related to any on-stage or off-stage shows: script, music, artists, visualization, direction, costumes, sets, props, LED visuals and production. We are flexible in our working style and thus apart from end-to-end show execution, we are happy to provide you with specialised services such as consultancy or curation service or training your team to perform in a show that we conceptualize. Having interacted with motley audiences, we have an in-depth understanding of what the audience wants. This helps us in creating and managing unique and exciting shows to suit the demands of the brand, clients and audience.


Corporate shows

We have partnered with multiple corporates and organizations to create exclusive and bespoke live shows and entertainment such as

  • Plays and musicals for brand launch and marketing campaign

  • Brand integration live shows

  • Dinnertainment events for employees and clients

  • Branded live events

From parades to performances, flash mobs to heritage walks, light-sound shows to stage shows, we create entertaining and immersive guest experiences and recreational acts for themed entertainment and fun experiences for

  • Theme parks

  • Hotels & resorts

  • Tourist attractions

  • Malls, Trade expo & Fairs

  • Parties & Dinnertainment

  • Product launches & real estate events


Fun experiences


Kids events

Having kids screen-free and providing them with meaningful entertainment is a motto of all the parents. We understand this parental mindset and work towards it. We also understand what kids really enjoy due to having a wide experience in engaging and entertaining children through our plays, musicals, storytelling, puppet shows, clown acts and stand-up comedy. Carefully crafted with values of diversity, inclusivity, humanity, eco-consciousness, our fun performances greatly entertain not only kids, but the accompanying parents and grandparents as well. Be it carnivals, flea markets, malls, schools, parties, NGOS, fests, expos, libraries, museums, resorts, amusement parks, our wholesome performances and activities will rejoice the children and child within you.

Our amazing talent and innovative concepts will add much elegance and joy to your celebrations

  • Shows for religious functions

  • Entertainment events for social clubs and community centres

  • Live events for art galleries and museums

  • Exclusive performances for government events and festivals

  • Wedding Sangeet


Audio Visual

Audio-Visual Content

We are storytellers and visualizers. We are devoted to telling your story in the most compelling style. We believe that the soul of any good audio-visual content is a well-told story and thus we work diligently to structure the most amazing scripts that instantly appeal to your target audience. Our stunning visuals, pleasing sound design and polished presentation make sure that any film, music video, documentary or commercial stands out. 

A chuckle on the faces and the tug at the heartstrings, the aha moment and the wow factor, that’s what we go for in creating all our audiovisual content.

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Corporate Films

Short Films

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Music Videos

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Enrichment Events

Enrichment Events

Our enrichment events are engaging, entertaining, and memorable and are sure to help you take away loads of information and ideas. Our well-designed events have a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to them. Thus our performing art event might have a psychologist on board or our event on the environment might have a singer on board too. 

We believe that the boundary of cities should not stop the learning. Thus we organize or partner with organizations to have an online enrichment event, which we shoot with multiple cameras, do live editing and simultaneously live stream to create an immersive personal experience.


For Employees

  • Theatre and performing arts-based employee engagement activities for team building, strategic thinking, storytelling, creative thinking, happiness quotient 

  • Gender sensitizing through arts and theatre

  • Diversity and inclusion with drama event

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For Students

  • Exclusive drama and storytelling that addresses and reinforces tender issues and themes such as sex education, diversity and inclusion

  • Drama, music, and storytelling event for teenagers to get career and life ready

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For Creative Souls

  • Workshops for aspiring actors, poets, theatre enthusiasts, dancers, storytellers etc.

  • Human library project that sees curated theme-based conversations with woke participants from all sectors of life.

Corporate Partnership Pogram

Corporate Partnership Program


Apart from partnering with corporates to provide our services for exclusive shows and content, our corporate partnership program even extends to the catalogue of our existing productions. Our productions can be bulk-booked or showcased for events such as company retreat for employees or clients. 


We are open to having corporates as sponsors for our shows and festivals and integrating the sponsorship brand on our playbills, announcements, ads and social media campaigns.



"Story Circus Team has been performing outstanding work for many years. Their programme content is consistently fresh and innovative, serving as an inspiration to many aspiring artists. "

Sunil Kumar,


Just Events

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