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Corporate shows

Corporate shows

  • Plays and musicals for brand launch and marketing campaign

  • Brand integration live shows

  • Dinnertainment events for employees and clients

  • Branded live events

  • Experiential events

No upcoming events at the moment
Upcoming Events
Fun Experiences

Fun experiences

  • Tourism events with plays and storytelling

  • Light and sound shows

  • Parades for theme parks

  • Heritage walks

  • Dinnertainment

Kids & Family Events

Kids and Family events

  • Performances at malls 

  • Storytelling shows/ plays/ stand-up acts for property launch events

  • Immersive & interactive acts for expos/ fairs/ carnivals

  • Plays, dances and storytelling acts for religious functions and festivals

  • Shows for schools/ NGOs/ Organizations/ municipalities

  • Workshops

Celebratory events
Outdoor Wedding Venue

Celebratory events

  • Shows for religious functions

  • Entertainment events for social clubs and community centres

  • Live events for art galleries and museums

  • Exclusive performances for government events and festivals

  • Wedding Sangeet

Enrichment Events

Enrichment Events

For employees

  • Theatre and performing arts-based employee engagement activities for team building, strategic thinking, storytelling, creative thinking, happiness quotient 

  • Gender sensitizing through arts and theatre

  • Diversity and inclusion with drama event

For students

  • Exclusive drama and storytelling that addresses and reinforces tender issues and themes such as sex education, diversity and inclusion

  • Drama, music, and storytelling event for teenagers to get career and life ready

For Creative souls

  • Workshops for aspiring actors, poets, theatre enthusiasts, dancers, storytellers etc.

  • Human library project that sees curated theme-based conversations with woke participants from all sectors of life.


  • Our enrichment events are engaging, entertaining, and memorable and are sure to help you take away loads of information and ideas. 

  • Our well-designed events have a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to them. Thus our performing art event might have a psychologist on board or our event on the environment might have a singer on board too. 

  • We believe that the boundary of cities should not stop your learning. Thus we organize or partner with organizations to have an online enrichment event, which we shoot with multiple cameras, do live editing and simultaneously live stream to create an immersive personal experience.

We are storytellers and visualizers. We are devoted to telling your story in the most compelling style. We believe that any good audio-visual content starts and ends in the writing and edit rooms, and thus spend hours brainstorming and working out the most amazing scripts that instantly appeal to your target audience. We are well-versed in the language of the camera and create stunning visuals in the most economical way in all kinds of audio-visual content whether a corporate AV or a documentary, a fashion film or a showreel, a music video or commercial. A chuckle on the faces and the tug at the heartstrings, the aha moment and the wow factor, that’s what we go for in creating all our content.



Yash Pednekar


Pratik Kothari

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Divya Kumar

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Neeru Sharma


Hardik Bhatt


Ashwita Shetty


Krisha Manaktala

Faraz Shaikh

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Harsh Vyas

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Shweta Singh

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Prakhar Sharma


Smriti Singh


Sanju Shibu

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Raghav Dave

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Swaraj Singh

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Radhika Thakker

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S. Manasvi

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Vibhuti Upadhyay


We provide high quality, cost-efficient language services. We localize foreign content into various indian languages keeping its essence and adapting it in our cultural context. 


Our art initiative Tadka-e-Zindagi  gives platform to new and established artists to showcase their talent. We also curate and design arty exclusive performing events.

If you're an actor, content creator or influencer and want to partner with us, contact us at:

If you're a freelancer / writer / director, share your profile with us :

For career opportunites:

What We Do

At Story Circus, we pride ourselves on our ability to organise and execute a wide range of shows for you. You name it, and we do it.


  • LED Visualisation

  • Original Music Creation

  • Dance Shows

  • Broadway Style Musicals

  • Plays for Brand Launch

  • Plays for Carnivals

  • Showreels

  • Corporate AVs

  • Dinnertainment Event

  • Choreographed Acts

  • Cultural Stage Events

  • Mall Events

  • Exclusive shows for religious occasions

  • Tourism Events

  • Educational Shows

  • Show Visualzation for lifestyle & fashion events

We offer multiple services for your live show or audio-visual content.

  • Conceptualization

  • Visualization

  • Direction

  • Artist management

  • Artist training

  • Music creation 

  • Choreography

  • Shooting

  • Editing

  • Graphics

  • Production

  • Execution

Pawan Upadhyaya


Pawan is the light of the house, problem slayer and beholder of our operations wing. More observant than John H. Watson, quite useful than Scientific Calculator, wise enough than Dormammu to not get stuck into a time loop and courageous like Ben Affleck who nodded yes for playing Batman with a tummy. Apart from these superhero traits he is a multipotentialite having zeal and endeavour to keep writing good content.

Head of Operations 

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Soumik Ghosh

Project Manager

Soumik is a story addict and an aspiring filmmaker. He has worked as a trans-creationist on more than 300 hours of content but aspires to become someone who’s work gets trans-created in different languages. Movies are his work, passion and life. You will find him mostly talking about comics and sipping tea. He is your go to guide when it comes to horror, comics and food.

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We work closely with clients to understand their needs and execute bespoke shows based on their themes, occasions, brands, and budgets. You name it, and we do it, whether it is training your employees for an event or executing an entertaining grand show for a specific occasion.


We are happy to partner with event management agencies, as well as work as a stand-alone agency.


With a great talent pool in our kitty and with a wide experience in creating and executing theatre productions, we are experts in conceptualizing, visualizing and executing live shows. Our expertise lies in all kinds of performing arts- music, dance, drama, storytelling, stand-up as well as technological creative work like LED visuals or background music creation. Our kitty of commissioned projects includes stage musicals for brand launches, dance dramas for temple events, dinnertainment show for foreigners, entertainment shows for kids in carnivals, educational shows for kids in schools, heritage walks, tourism events, mall events, employee engagement events etc. Having interacted with motley audiences, we have an in-depth understanding of what the audience wants. This helps us in creating an entertaining, meaningful and engaging show to suit the demands aof the brand, clients and audience. 

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