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Launched during pandemic, Tadka-e-Zindagi is an initiative by Story Circus that gives platform to new and established artists to showcase their talent. We have a beautiful arty indoor and outdoor space, that is a perfect space for the poets, storytellers, comics, actors, singers and dancers. We relay these events online too, but the online streaming is unlike any other. We use high res cameras and ATEM mini, which allows us to do online editing while we livestream events, and these things make our online events viewing an experience which is very similar to live events.  

Tadka-e-Zindagi also presents events which are curated and designed by the in-house artists of Story Circus. The handcrafted Tadka-e-Zindagi events bring out fusion of performing arts, and often created with distinct themes in mind. 


All in all, here you will find a little bit of everything and thus it’s indeed Tadka-e-Zindagi.


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