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Kids Events

Having produced stage productions for kids, we have wide experience in entertaining and engaging kids.

With our in-house team of artists, creators and psychologists, we make sure to create values-rich, interactive and fun events for kids.

Whether it is a show for themed birthday party or school event, a parade for a carnival to a workshop for fair, we have the skills and expertise to age-appropriate, kids-friendly events.


Our content and aesthetics are so beautifully designed that not just kids, but parents and grandparents accompanying children enjoy our memorable events too.

We love telling stories and creating shows for children. Our live shows and digital content for juniors are crafted with such acumen that they invoke instant responses from kids and appeal to kids of all ages as well as children within every adult. Created with much sensitivity and intense research, each of our productions from juniors’ wing adhere to wholesome values.

How our IPs are Kids friendly?
  • Curiosity Invoking

  • Creativity & imagination fuelling

  • Exploration of our culture

  • Rich values

  • Safety and well-being

  • Meticulously researched content

  • Wholesome & Age sensitive

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Integrity and Honesty

  • Mental and Physical Health

  • Values of Family and Friendship  

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